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"Nothing like a nap after dinner" Molly - from Clytie and Apollo
"Can't wait to get some teeth!" Roxy - from Clytie and Apollo
Hey Mom, don't you wish you had 20 more just like me? "Being a puppy is such hard work!"
Sterling - from Daphne and Apollo Harley - from Daphne and Apollo
Reilly with family - from Clytie and Apollo Bailey - from Clytie and Apollo
Zues (outside) from Clytie's 1st litter and Hera (inside) from Clytie's 2nd litter Wyatt - from Clytie and Apollo

(North Forty Dogs)

I've got a luvaly bunch of labradors, here they are standing in a row!
School is in session. "Here is how you chew on wood!"
Like father, like son.  Apollo and Russ
Who is taking a nap on who?
Daphne (Diana at right): Getting ready to sprint for the ball
Daphne, Diana, Apollo
Daphne, Diana, Apollo: I hope they stop before they reach the fence!


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We are a non-commercial breeder.