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Our customers (or our Family) are what makes having this kennel worthwhile.  We love to get emails and pictures of our families.  Here are few.

Last May we brought home our little guy #7 from the Punkin/Midas litter.  We named him Marco and absolutely adore him.  He has grown into a fantastic dog, and we are just so pleased with him.  He loves to play frisbee, go for long walks, and cuddle with us.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog!
With Chloee’s 3rd birthday right around the corner (3-25-2013) I want to tell you how much she is loved by our family.  She has the sweetest personality – is GREAT with children, protects me with her LOUD bark and has to play ball a gazillion times a day!!  Thank you for raising such healthy dogs and allowing Earl and I to raise Chloee.  You can see from the pics she has grown into a precious girl.  Hope all is well with you and all the dogs!! 
Remy just wanted to say hi from Colorado Springs! He is settling in beautifully and is so smart. Thank you guys so much.

- Grace and Derck
She's definitely got a lot of her dad, Chase in her. I think they look a lot alike.  She is learning so fast. Sit, stay, down, and she is retrieving very well already with dummies and balls.  Thanks again for a great dog!!

Finn - From Chase and Psyche

He's not spoiled at all!

Dytie - One of our retired females.

I wanted to give you an update. She has settled in so well. Figured out the doggie door and has the run of the house. She and the beagle hang out together all the time.

I'm a Patriot Paws puppy raisers and I also have a N40 boy of my own.   I'm currently raising one of your Psyche/Chase boys from the 2013 litter.  He's extraordinary.  I have raised two other boys from this breeding that made excellent service dogs.
Here is a shot of Yeti at 8 months!  He is from Chase and Psychies last batch. He is the best Dog ever. Can't thank you enough.

I wanted to tell you Bella 5.7 yrs (Russ and Daphne, #10 of last litter) and Nikki 1.9 yrs (Mars and Diana, #4 of last litter) have both titled in Cyber Rally-O Performance Division Level 2!! Performance Division has heeling on both sides (right and left) and transitions from one side to the other during the courses. We have been taking private lessons since Feb for the fun of it and so I can take both girls at one time.  I am learning positive reinforced clicker training on 2 very different personalities at once, it's awesome and such a challenge!


I am sending a few pictures of Bronx from Russ and Polly's liter (#5- "black butt") that we picked up on December 23. He makes us smile everyday, and he has already learned numerous tricks, including Sit, Shake, Lie Down, and Stay. He also goes to the door when he needs to go outside.
A little over two years ago, you allowed Elvis to become a part of our family.  His parents are Chase and Vesta.  He has been a joy and a blessing from the moment he entered our household.  He has a laid back, sweet disposition, is extremely playful, and highly intelligent.  The two of us attended obedience school and (thanks to him) passed with flying colors. You can see in his eyes the minute he catches on to a concept.    Michelle
This is a picture of my daughter Kelsey and Ollie. She sent it in to a photo contest at PetsMart and won a $300 gift card and first place. I wish we could clone him!  Marty
Gypsy in her rookie season is one of the birdiest labs I've ever seen. She's amazing. And she's an absolutely wonderful family dog. Just as sweet as can be.
I wanted to give you an update on Miss Nala! She's doing amazing- we couldn't ask for a better puppy.  So far she knows sit, shake, drop, potty trained, kennel trained and has been enjoying her first few trips to the doggie park.  She's doing wonderful and insists if she sleeps on our shoes we can't go anywhere.  I attached a picture for you all!  I hope all is well.
Erin and Greg

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we adore Simba.  She is incredibly smart and very loving.  I have attached a photo and included the one below of her favorite play time.  She literally flies through the air.  Thank you for a wonderful dog.  The Welches

I can't thank y'all enough for him.  I get compliments everywhere I go and his intelligence and attitude makes him a real pleasure to have.  One of the best parts is that he is still a big cuddle bug at the end of the day.  lol


I'm  not much into showing, competition, and titles but Bella and Nikki both passed their Dog Scouts of America test via video so they are Dog Scouts now.  We love our girls so much.


Mandy's 1st birthday is coming up so I thought you might like to see her.  She is a great dog.  A totally crazy lab, but loves people and loves snuggling with us.  We can't imagine not having her as part of our family.   Thanks!

Lynn, Jeff and Luke

I want to tell you also that acquiring a dog through your family has been especially fun and rewarding. The updated photos, puppy cam, and the quick responses to my emails have all been extremely appreciated. We really felt a connection to Bailey since she was just a small baby, and to have had the opportunity to see her with her mom, siblings, and her environment was very special.  I was somewhat of a skeptic when I first began searching on-line, but you made our search a very positive and worthwhile venture. Thank you.

Dawn, Jeff & Morgan


Woodrow has progressed as my hunting companion much faster than I expected him to. Its unbelievable to me that he was able to do blind retrieves at only five months! He is able to grasp what I am trying to teach him so well. He is still an awesomely calm dog with a great personality! 

Austin T.

Needless to say, they were relaxed and "at home" within 5 minutes of arrival! My son "Liam" has named his pup "Percy". My daughter "Mairead" named her pup "Buoy" as he will spend the summer in Maine, on the beach. Included, you also see big sister Phoebe ! Thank you SO much from the Fay Family xxoo


Conner is doing great and we are very happy with him. He is VERY VERY energetic and loves to play.  I filled up a little kiddie pool for him to splash around in one day and he loved it.  I decided to let him in the house so he could eat his evening meal.  I went back outside and thought I would just check on him later. When I went to peak in on him it was apparent he was not quite through swimming. He was in his once full water dish splashing every bit of it onto the kitchen floor. It was hillarious!!! Then just the other night he got into one of his tuck butt and run modes in the kitchen bouncing off of everything he could run into. Once again there was a full water bowl and one of his huge paws hit the edge of it sending a rush of water across the floor. Connor was so startled he quickly ran back through it and attempted to stop before he got to the back door.  After bouncing off the back door he turns and runs back the opposite direction back through the water and tries to stop again before he gets to the puppy gate. And again it did not go well so this time he decided to just sprawl out on the floor, take a deep breath, and look up at us with the expression of "what....I didn't do anything". It was priceless.   Hope you all are doing ok and we will talk to you soon.
Hello Jim and Janet,

We have made it back to Texas and wanted to share the name we have chosen for our outstanding puppy. Thank you again for taking the time to visit with us today. We will send you updates on Remington's adventures down here in Texas and maybe we will visit you again in the future.


Dale and Michele Dawson

(the title of the picture is titled "end of the day")

Just wanted to wish Miss Janet, Momma Daphne, my little sister and all the females at N40 Kennel a very Happy Mothers Day. I hope you all had a great day with many treats, some fun play, and lots of big wet kisses...

I am love loving the water....I can't get enough!!! Wishing you all lots of good days! Bella Belle and her humans, Mitch and Tracy

Lily however is doing very well, (born Dec 6th 2004) she is the love 
of my life, and is adored by all my friends and family. I've never had 
a dog before as I have always had cats, but Lily brings to me such 
light and happiness, she also gets on very well with my cat Floosie. 
Lily has many "dog friends" and always shows such a joy for life, I've 
had many a person stop me and talk to me about her demeanor. This to me just goes to show how much you care for the puppies you bring in to this world and how much you nurture them with love. I do hope that you do get updated with pictures and stories of how your adoptive pups are doing.

I am sending you a picture of Lily at the beach having just fetched 
her ball. We visit the beach as much as possible and my goodness 
trying to get her out of the water is certainly a task!


I have attached our holiday card for you. The kids, or rather young adults asked that Tucker & Cooper be included. As a reminder, Tucker’s parents are Russ & Daphne and Cooper is Russ & Lucy.

It is hard to believe they will be 3 years old this March. They are doing GREAT! Cooper is really beginning to have an amazing personality. He clearly is NOT a good listener! He would have been the perfect dog for search & rescue or drug & bomb sniffing. He does not miss a beat with any scent! We have finally got him on board with playing ball and he LOVES to chew on bones and ropes! Tucker from the day we brought him home is ball obsessed! He is a great listener and full of endless energy. He wiggles his back end 100mph! They are no doubt an amazing addition to our family! We are frequently told they are good looking dogs.



Hey Jim & Janet,

Just thought I would send you a few pics of Sam and update you on his progress. Sam is just an awesome puppy and has been a wonderful addition to our family! He is really shaping up to be an exceptional field dog as he is amazingly steady under gun and retrieves to hand very well! Sam has been so easy to train with the perfect disposition and eagerness to please. 

Donnie Thweatt,
Corinth, TX 76208

I have had dogs all of my life. Personally, I have Irish Wolfhounds but grew up with Labs. My husband has a black lab at the moment.
My point is, I have worked with many breeders in my lifetime. I have NEVER encountered such kindness and professionalism as we have experienced with North Forty Kennels. You are just wonderful! I would like to ask if it would be possible to purchase a female pup.....She is going to be a present for our oldest, a gentle 17 year old boy. She will be very well loved!
We will e-mail photos of Anthony and his pup tomorrow morning which is when we are presenting her. Just be prepared, he has no hair and is very puffy from the chemo.
Thank you so very much again, for everything my friends. You have made Christmas very special for the greatest kid in the world (Anthony).


Hello Jim and Janet,
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me make Donna's birthday a wonderful surprise. I knew she would love the idea of a new family member. She instantly burst into happy tears when she opened the card with the pictures of all the pups inside.
Donna is so excited, she can hardly contain herself. She carries the pictures of the pup you reserved for her like she is a baby. I think the name she decided on is, Holly Golightly. Audrey Hepburn's name in Breakfast at Tiffany's. You can be sure that this pup will be pampered!
Thank you again.
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Jim and I just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely thrilled to have Andy.  He has got to be one of the best puppies we have ever brought into our home, and we are loving every minute of him.  Jim says that he has never known a puppy who is so calm and obedient.  Our sister-in-law came by and he was his charming self.  She left in love with him and may be calling you someday.  (They have 3 dogs already, but he really made an impression.)  Just wanted to say 'thank you' for our new friend. 
Jim & Susie



Hi Janet: 
    I love to get your emails about new puppies, etc., so keep them coming.
    My Daisy, born just three years ago, is thriving.  She lives in Santa Barbara with me and Angel, the cat (they get along very well).  The most frequent comment I get when I am walking her (we walk for an hour every day to the Santa Barbara Mission and back) is how beautiful she is.   She is a blend of her mother, Daphne, and father, Apollo, probably more like her mother -- pale body with beautiful reddish ears.
    Thanks for the pics of the new puppies,


Anne here,

I bought one of your glorious labs from the litter of December 7 (think that's right) 2004.  He will be two.  Just wanted to know how he is related to Penelope (if he is).  I am urging my friends to get her new puppies and we are interested to know whether he might be an uncle or such.  He is just spectacular, sweet and smart and gorgeous.  Thanks. 


I have been meaning to send you an email forever. so when your email arrived today I had to write back.  I bought one of your yellow males last Thanksgiving.  He was born Oct. 4, 2005.  You might remember when I came to pick him up I had my 4 grandkids in the car.  They named him Turk, for one of the dogs in the movie Swiss Family Robinson.
I wanted you to know how wonderful he is.  Turk is my 4th Lab and each one seems to be more loving than the last.  He is smart and great with the grandkids.  His only small downfall is he thinks he is a lap dog. but now that he is almost 100 pounds I try to discourage him laying in my lap.
Thank you so much for letting me have such a wonderful companion.  He and my other 2 are great friends.  If I wasn't such a computer dummy I would send you a picture.  Just believe me he turned out to be a beautiful dog


Hi Guys
Sorry it took this long to get back to you guys. I just want to say little YODA is doing great much loved and adored. The best dog I have ever had by far.  Thanks
We got the puppy last Thanksgiving he was #8

Hi Jim & Janet & family:

 Thought I would give you an update on “The boys”. They are AWESOME! We are very much enjoying them and as they get older their personalities are really kicking in! Tucker will fetch for hours on end. It is amazing really. Cooper likes to wait and then make his “attack” to take the item Tucker has gotten. He is like a panther stalking his prey! They are very entertaining that is for sure. We have been going to Dog Beach in Huntington with them and they LOVE the water. They run right out into the ocean. We submitted their picture to the website and they are on the front page of photos, check them out. http://www.dogbeach.org/photos.html


Here's a couple of pictures of Wyatt.  You knew him as male number 7.  We have already had two requests for stud service from him. 
Thanks again, Ted, Tami and Taylor


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