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Aren't puppies cute!

Everyone loves to play with puppies.  Their ability to play for hours and fall asleep at the drop of a hat makes most people want to own one.  This page will give you some pointers on whether a Labrador puppy is right for you, and whether you are right for a Labrador puppy.

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in America.  The main reason is because they are social and actually "need" to be around people.  Labs are considered a large breed (65 - 100 lbs on average) and you should not expect them to be a "house dog".  An exception would be labs who are trained as companion dogs and those who live by their master's side 24 hours a day. Our dogs come inside and can be trained to behave themselves, but they are happiest outside where they can run. 


On average, they are high energy dogs and need plenty of exercise.  Labs love to please, so if they can exercise with their owners, that is even better!  Nothing would please your Lab more than to walk with you to a dog-friendly park and retrieve all the frisbees, balls, sticks, or whatever you can throw.

If you are a hunter, you have found the right breed!  Labradors have been bred to retrieve fallen game.  It's what they live for.  They first appeared jumping into the icy waters of Labrador (actually Newfoundland) to retrieve game.  They love water and love to retrieve.  That is why the Labrador Retriever dominates field trials and hunting tests.

So if you are looking for another member of the family, who loves kids, loves to play, and loves to be with you, then the Labrador may be the choice for you.  A good suggestion would be to train your new puppy in basic obedience.  When training your Lab, please use positive reinforcement!  They love to please, so reward them when they please you and don't reward when they make a mistake.  You should teach them four basic commands:  Sit, Stay, Down, and Come.  A well-trained Lab can be taken just about anywhere.

OK, you've decided that you can't live without a beautiful Labrador Retriever and you want one of ours.  Go to the Puppies page to check on available litters.


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